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2019 Hay
Spring July (first) cutting 100+, 37 left SOLD ...
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Thank you for your interest. Please contact us if you are interested in being notified the progress and availability during next 2020 season.

Everything this year is a struggle but the $weet yet expen$ive New Holland disk mower got hay cut as soon as ground dried enough not to get stuck (last of June, first rare dry spell.) Unfortunately that turned out to be cutting hay on my birthday but all up no rain as it worked out (rarity this year). A year like this the old sickle mower/conditioner won't cut it (literally) but that adds $13,000 to the price tag ($3,000 new baler belts). We try to keep the cost down, but there is cost to gathering your cows some grass.

IF there is a Fall (second) cutting, it is going to have to turn around and rain quickly. Even then I am afraid what little a second cutting of grass amounts to is far less and worse it has been spoke for if we do ... so sounds like get on a list for 2020 maybe? One more year those unused 2017 6x6 black sleeves will have to go into storage. Personally I like sleeves for ez outdoor all weather storage, and to keep hay fresh so no discount when buyers become scarce and it may again have to set till Spring (only happened once) Twine bale with a sleeve will keep far better then mere netwrap. That makes your cows happier, their calves happier, thus your wife happier once everyone comes to a realization "man they are sure bawling and I am totally out of hay".


Price: $65
(no sleeves)

IF a next cutting?
(sounds like it may be spoke for)

We will assist in loading if done in one session


We fertilize and maintain (spray as needed) what was grass field ... and a couple of way too many acre wasted waterways. Those are well maintained. Call it lazy or thinking about what you cows deserve too, but we buggy corn and bean fertilizer straight through waterways same as the crop gets. Not sure it is cost effective but with auto steer our fertilizer coverage is dead on otherwise.

Neither was the day I raked it all up to accelerate drying, only to have wind ... then rake it all again. At least no rain, just darn wind. As I say a ton of work or everyone would be doing it (still) and HOT work (especially raking or if something goes wrong...bearings, belts, chains, twine balled up, you know the drill)

(PS: if you have no clue what cows eat, don't begin to know anything about farming or really ended up far off your intended beaten path looking for something else (like 99+% of the world) I hope you were at least amused? Head over to Twitter where we check on cows!

Hay 1 mile West at 9 acre CRP Waterway
Hay Pasture 1/2 mile South at RR Tracks
Gotta love WIND: mow once, rake twice?

Preston & Glenda Allen

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